Rudenko Design

Ruslan Rudenko is a modern Ukrainian furniture designer, founder and director of the production studio Rudenko Design. Since 2002, the production of furniture has become his main activity and lifework. In 2008, he founded his own studio for design and production of furniture and interior elements in an effort to offer his customers a quality product and to share his skills.

Rudenko Design today is a team of people, united by a common cause. We are full of innovative ideas, we learn new technologies, and we explore trends and new directions in the design and production of furniture.

Achievements we are proud of

Over the past few years, in collaboration with leading architects and interior designers, we have implemented a number of unique projects, which have received the recognition they deserve. Many of the interiors, for which we created the furniture, participated in prestigious competitions and were highly appreciated by the jury.

Modern furniture for the interior of a private house was made at Rudenko Design studio by the sketches of Sergey Makhno designer workshop. The project participated in the All-Ukrainian interior award ART SPACE 2015 and became a winner in one of nominations, having earned the Oscar in the field of architecture, interior design and furniture.

In the same year, a project of the office of the construction company was developed together with the architects of YODEZEEN studio. For its implementation, the Rudenko Design team manufactured pieces of furniture to order in the strict industrial style, extremely accurately supporting the loft theme of the entire space. This project became a winner in the nomination “The best interior of the office”.

Since 2013, Rudenko Design studio implemented a number of projects that were nominated and became winners in the annual All-Ukrainian architectural competition “Interior of the Year”. Our works were presented in different categories in several projects, for which we created a number of pieces of furniture in different styles.

What we do

Rudenko Design designs and manufactures high-quality and functional furniture: from large-scale complex projects to small ideas for home interior. We create designer furniture by our own sketches and cabinet furniture by the individual project of the customer. We make furniture for people who appreciate clean and at the same time simple design, who follow the trends and who want the interior furniture to correspond their ideas about comfort. We are mostly working on the production of cabinet furniture. We are also interested in projects for the production of upholstered furniture. We work on the non-standard design solutions with great pleasure; we create furniture for hi-tech and modern interiors.

How we work

More than 14 years of experience in the design and production of furniture have led us to the correct work process. First of all, we draw up the terms of reference on the basis of the task and wishes of the customer; we select materials during the discussion, as well as specify the style, functionality and product dimensions. By the next meeting, we develop design, i.e. we draw the appearance of the product, offer the first sketches and demonstrate the samples of the materials. Only the project and sketches give a detailed picture of the future furniture and its combination with the interior. After the agreement of the project, sketches and selected materials, we start the production of furniture. The designer supervision is a constant process in our studio. We control the work at every stage – from selecting material suppliers to installation of the finished product at the site.

The materials used

To create really nice furniture, we use the best materials and quality components, i.e. fine wood, environmentally friendly particleboard, MDF, modern fittings from leading manufacturers, natural sliced veneer and fine-line veneer, glass, mirrors, natural and artificial stones, metal. For the coating and processing of the wooden elements, we use natural vegetable oils and waxes.
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